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This is a place where family and friends of victims of domestic violence can come to share stories or just vent, but primarily to work for change in a system we believe is failing.  We are not professionals.  We are just people in the trenches trying to save someone we love from the ravages of domestic abuse.

My sister Kim was smart, independent, successful, funny, kind, loyal, trustworthy, and adventurous and the most honest person I knew.  My sister Kim was also a victim of domestic violence.  Kim was someone who never gave up, overcame any obstacle put in her path, and achieved every goal she ever set for herself.  She went back to school for her Master’s in her late twenties, and went on to a successful career in a field she loved and excelled at.  She made great friends and earned the respect of colleagues and her bosses.  In the course of her profession she met her husband and was married in 2005.  She died in March of 2013.  In the time from her marriage to her death her life turned around completely, and she found herself in a position she could never have expected, she was a battered woman. She was one of a kind and irreplaceable, and she is missed!

Kim was surrounded by people who loved her and wanted to help her.  But we failed, and we believe the system also failed.  Because of that, we have committed ourselves to working to improve the judicial system with the goal of saving the victims of domestic abuse.  We are not here to point fingers or place blame, but to work together to improve a system whose goal  is to save the victims of domestic abuse. 

We all want the same thing, for the people being victimized to be safe.  Together, we believe we can reach that goal.  We hope you will consider joining us in this endeavor….in Kim’s name.

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  1. I hope you have stopped by to learn more about the meeting we are holding on March 29th. Basically, we want to organize a group of people to work on changing the way cases of domestic abuse are handled in the courts. Waiting years for a case to come to trial is just not acceptable. We all know that the justice system gives the accused the right to a speedy trial, but the same right is not given to the victim. But there are a few things we think we can do that will benefit victims. First, we need to have the judicial system collect statistics on how long it takes a case to go to trial; how many victims are victimized again while waiting for trial; and how many victims die at the hands of their abuser while waiting for trial. That data could be the catalyst for change in our courts.

    Second, we need to decrease the amount of time between court dates. We are not looking to limit an accused rights. We are looking to make the courts more responsive to the process. My family has been waiting 5 months for a judge to render his decision on a motion made by the defense. Meanwhile, we can not move to a trial without that decision.

    We are not professionals, and we don’t have all the answers. But we have the motivation to work for change, and we are willing to do that work to make that happen.

    Maybe you have some ideas for making change happen; maybe you have another area of the judicial system that you think needs to be addressed; maybe you just want to hear more; maybe you are worried over someone who is a victim and want to do something to help. Whatever your reason for coming here, we hope you will follow through to join us in this quest for justice.

    What you tolerate you can not change.

    1. Please do! That is what this is about, a place to share our own insight with the goal of helping others and improving the system!

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